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Offers expert installation of car window tinting and auto tinting in Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Arizona. Call Cool Expressions Window Tinting today for auto tinting, car tinting, truck tinting, commercial and residential tinting! We offer mobile window tinting, house window tinting, pre cut window tint, professional window tinting, how much does window tinting cost? Window Tinting installation for your Extended Cab Pick-Up Truck, Window tinting installation for all four doors of your SUV / Van / Wagon. Car window tinting is one of the most popular upgrades sought after by new car owners.

Car window tinting your vehicle not only provides added comfort and security, but it also increases the value of your vehicle. Quality car window tinting and expert installation is essential for a professional tint job and maintaining a factory showroom look. Our window tinting products are the best in the industry and designed to be efficient and long lasting. Our window tinting experts provide high quality service and professionalism, all at affordable prices.  If your vehicle's window glass is ever broken in an accident, the film helps to hold the potentially  dangerous pieces together and safely away from the occupants. The window film also screens out up to 99% of the sun's invisible ultraviolet radiation, which is the principle cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging.


The front side windows: Must allow at least 33% of the light in. The back side windows and rear window: Any darkness can be used. Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed along the top of the windshield above the manufacturer's AS-1 line

The film percentage means how much light will filter through the film and reach the interior of the car. For example, 5% film allows 5% of light to filter through the film and reach the inside of the car.

It depends on the quality and speed of the tint shop – some shops can get the job done right in under two hours while other shops take a bit longer.

We recommend that you leave your windows up for 48 hours (2 days) after they are tinted. This will allow the film time to adhere to the glass so it will not peel when it is finally rolled down.

The moisture we use for install can remain between the film and windows for up to 2 to 3 weeks; sometimes longer in colder climates. Moisture or condensation comes in the forms of haziness and water bubbles or pockets. They clear up. The moisture simply evaporates. Never try to push around any of these water pockets, for this can create air pockets which don't go away on their own.

Chances are, you don't. This started as a temporary fix that brought way to tint shops being able to charge more money for needless felt installs. We will inform you if you're vehicle needs felt on the moldings, but there is a very simple way to get past the scratching issues that does not cost the customer any additional cost.

There is only a handful of vehicles on the market today that will have interference due to the metallic nature of good quality film. We are aware of these vehicles and will be able to offer non-metal ic solutions to these cases LLumar's non-metal ic films (ATC)have LIFETIME warranties against fading and color change...they just don't provide the same energy rejection that metallic films will offer. But once again, this list is small, and most times the rumors were stared as a precaution from the manufacture itself. XM and other satellite radios, if installed correctly...with the antenna on the outside of the vehicle...will not be disrupted. FM radio is never effected with LLumar's ATR metallic films. AM on the other hand, can often times be effected if the antenna for it is in the rear windshield. Once again, we will offer other solutions for those with concerns.

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